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Video Compilation of SS at the Dyno

Several Videos put together with some pics and of course a little AC/DC

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JTM Camaro SS Dyno 4/20/13

JTM Motorsports performing a dyno-tune on my 2000 Camaro SS

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JTM Motorsports *THANKS*

Big thanks to JTM, for fixing up and getting the SS street ready finally. Pics and Videos coming soon.

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* Register for an account, and start posting.

* Register for an account and start posting your images, or funny or racing videos today. *

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Jeff Gordon Test Drive

Fake or not, this video is funny as hell.

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Hello world!

Welcome to CamaroSS.us, thanks for visiting, please start blogging if you feel up to it. This site will be under construction for a little while. Still learning the in’s and outs of press… so enjoy whatever is up here for

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